Drink Delicious Matcha Tea and Experience Improved Health

Imagine if there was a beverage that could give a person extra energy and protect their health. Though there are many energy and nutritional drinks on the market, much of these are not natural. Matcha green tea is a completely natural beverage choice that not only fills the body with a sustainable six hours of energy, but it also protects a person’s health. Reading through this information will give people greater insight into why they should indulge in a cup of this green tea once or more a day.

Matcha is a Japanese tea that is grown in rich soil that is carefully checked to ensure it has the right level of nutrients to feed the tea plants and keep them healthy and free of insects and disease. Since these teas are grown organically, there is no use of pesticides which can lead to health problems in humans. As the tea plants begin to mature, the first spring leaves are harvested and prepared for ceremonial grades of matcha tea powder. The older leaves are left to grow and are then harvested for culinary grades.

The reason matcha has such a bright green color is because the tea trees are carefully shielded from the sun before the leaves are harvested. Shielding the leaves not only preserves the L-Theanine and catechins in the tea, but it also increases the tea’s chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll prevents inflammation, encourages healing, and helps control the appetite.

Those who drink matcha green tea benefit from the catechins that work to destroy free radicals in the body and prevent them from attacking healthy cells and causing the signs of aging. This tea also fills the body with energy and creates a stronger mental focus which is why many people drink it at the start of their day.

If you are wondering, where can I buy matcha green tea, you will find many retailers that offer it. Amazon is a great place to start in your search since they offer an organic matcha tea that is healthy and delicious. Try a cup of matcha today and begin to experience its healthful benefits for yourself.

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