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How to Potty Train your Toddler

One of the first few crucial things that a parent does is potty training their toddlers. Toilet training means teaching your children how to go to the toilet when they have the urge to go number 1 or 2. Potty training can either be a nightmare for some parents, while others may say that it isn’t actually a hard task to do. It isn’t really that hard, as long as parents know the right methods to use.

What makes potty training difficult for parents?

The biggest mistake that parents make and probably the main reason why they find toilet training hard is that they force their children. Being potty trained is one of the biggest achievements in a toddler’s life, it is not determined by age and it is by no means a contest. The most important thing to consider is the readiness of the toddler to do the task.
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You will know when your child is ready when you ask yourself the following things:
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Do you notice your child showing interest in doing it by themselves?

See if your child gives you any warning or signals that they want to go to the toilet.

Do you see your child showing interest in the toilet or potty?

Do you see your child showing discomfort with his diaper?

Do you see him pulling down on his underwear?

You already probably have all the answers to the questions, so if you notice all of the above things then your child is already fit to be potty trained.

Ways to Teach your Children

1. Communication
The first thing you need to do when you start potty training is to talk to your child and explain how the bathroom is used correctly. Making your child is crucial to the whole potty training process, without them understanding it will definitely be a difficult task to achieve.

You should orient them about the bathroom set up, like where the toilet is, how to use it and how to flush after use. The cool sound that the toilet makes when flushed gets children excited to go and pee in it and flush the toilet by themselves.

Visual Aids
An effective way to let your children follow instructions is by providing visual aids like drawings and diagrams. The images will help your child learn faster and imitate the photos.

Get Rid of Diapers
You will find this part difficult because you will need to clean the floors a lot every time they have an accident. When at home, do not let the toddler wear diapers because it makes them think about where else to put their waste, making them look for a new place to poo or pee.

Reward and Praise Them
When your child accidentally pees themselves, do not scold them and when they go to the toilet, appreciate their efforts every time.

Follow these steps and your child will be potty trained in no time at all.

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